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  Gurley Sellers - Delila Wyatt 
Family History Overview

Gurley was born in N.C., on 17 Jan, 1802.  He married Delila Wyatt in Nash Co., N.C. on 31 Jan, 1826.  Larry Brantley witnessed.  Delila was a Cherokee Indian according to family information that was handed down through the Sellers family who continued to live in the Jefferson Co., Al area.  Delila was born 24 Apr, 1805 in N.C.  Both Gurley and Delila are believed to be from Nash Co., N.C.

Gurley and Delila had at least two children while living in N.C. - Hartney Sellers (1831) and Simon Sellers (21 May, 1835).  In addition to the children named, through research we have come to believe that another daughter was born prior to Hartney and Simon named Frances and that she married William Bird (See Gurley’s Children for more details on Frances Bird.)  

Gurley moved from N.C. after May of 1835 since their son Simon was reported as born in N.C.   I believe that it's likely that Gurley, Bennett and Emanuel all left NC about the same time and may have been on the move together.  I think they went first to S.C. where Emanuel and Bennett end up settling.

Gurley hooks up with James and Matilda (Glover) Lawson.  The Lawsons are in Anderson Co., S.C. in the 1830 census along with John & Blanche Richardson.  The Richardsons may have precipitated the moves of James Lawson and Gurley since they got an Alabama land grant in 1834.  (See Tracing Gurley for more details.)   Matilda Glover Lawson is also likely kin to the Glovers in Nash Co. NC and particularly to Wright Sellers wife, Nancy Glover (see Family and click on Wright for other info).

Gurley & Delila’s next child after Simon was Mary Polly born in Alabama between Sep and Oct, 1836 thus narrowing the period in which they moved to Alabama. Mildred Sellers (1910-1995) Bible Record noted above also says of Gurley: "Great Grandfather Sellers, Isaac Gurley and bro. Manuel came from North Carolina to North Alabama.  Then to Tennessee and back to N. Ala.”.  I have found no evidence of Gurley staying in Tennessee for any period although it's likely that traveling may have carried him through there.  I also found a possible connection to what I believe is Gurley's sister Drucilla Parks living in Franklin Co., TN just north of where Gurley moves in Alabama.

Gurley received three land grants of record in Alabama and was listed as a farmer in various censuses.  Gurley and Delila's remaining children were born in the Tuscaloosa and Jefferson Co. area southwest of the city of Bessemer, AL.  Gurley is first found in the Tuscaloosa 1850 census and in Jefferson Co AL in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses.

Gurley died 26 Oct, 1898 and Delila died 3 Jul, 1899.  Both are buried at Old Blue Creek Cemetery, southwest of Bessemer, AL.  Gurley's tombstone reads, "Sleep Father and take thy rest.  God called thee home - He thought it best".   Delila's tombstone reads, "Mother thou wast mild and lovely, gentle as the summer breeze".


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