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               Gurley Sellers - Delila Wyatt 

Historical TimeLine

Jan 17, 1802   Born N.C. according to census data (Assumed Nash Co.)

Jan 31, 1826   Married Delila Wyatt; Larry Brantley and Jordan Sellers Bondsmen

May 9, 1828     1841 will of Sherwood Brantley shows note of Girley Sellers for
                              $4.20 due – Not good.  Also notes on Jordan and Bennett Sellers
                                 – Not Good.  Gurley & Bennett had left the state by this date.

March, 1830    Superior Court Dockets: State vs. Jourdan Sellers & Gurley Sellers
                       for assault on Henry Lewis.  Sheriff seized Gurley but stated Jordan
                        had fled.  Witness for state were Henry Lewis and Henry Hogg;
                        Witness for Gurley were Willis Pridgen & Peter Hopkins.
                        Reuben Morgan was security for bond.  Gurley was Aquitted.

1827                Daughter Frances Sellers (Bird) born - unproven.  Also two other infants who died.

1831                 First son born, Hartney Sellers

May 21, 1835     Second child born, Simon Sellers

1835-1836        Moved from Nash Co. N.C. to Alabama.  Census shows Simon
                        born in N.C. (1835) and Mary Polly (between 5Sep and 21Oct 1836) born in Al.  Moved
                        to Alabama with James and Matilda Lawson.  My Aunt Mildred (Sellers)
                        Treat recorded in her Bible “Great Grandfather Sellers and bro. Manuel
                        came from North Carolina to North Alabama then to Tennessee and
                        back to Alabama.  They left 8 bros. in N.C.”

1850                 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., Al.  Gurley listed as a farmer with estate
                        of $300.

Sep 2, 1850      Forty acre land grant in Tuscaloosa Co.

1855                 Alabama State Census record (pg 012)

Jun 1, 1858      Three hundred twenty two acre land grant in Tuscaloosa, Co.

1860                 Census, Tuscaloosa Co., Al.  Listed as Gurly Cellars; shows Delila,
                        age 47 as blind. Mary, James, William, Lavina and Gurley included.

1870                 Census, Jefferson Co. Al.  Listed as Girley Selars.  Includes SC Bird
                        and CM Bird living in household.  (Same census shows William Bird
                        age 15 living with Simon Sellers household.)  (Same census also
                        includes the household of Girley Sellers [Jr.] and wife Frances [Letson]
                        and children Oscar (my grandfather), CC (Clem) and Jane (died
                        1869 of typhoid).  Listed in Jonesborough PO which is a section of
                        Bessemer still in existence.

1880                  Census, Jefferson Co. Al.  Includes Mary and McDaniel age 13
                         (grandson & son of Frances Bird) living in household.

Mar 10, 1884     Eighty acre land grant in Jefferson Co.

Oct 26, 1898     Gurley deceased; buried in Old Blue Creek Cemetery near Bessemer,
                         Jefferson Co. Al. 

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